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Pedagogy of Environment

St Mary’s Lancefield and Romsey is a school with new insights and a powerful vision for the future.  Student data drives our entire school and the decisions our staff make each day.  When you come to St Mary’s, not only will your family become a part of our faith filled, supportive community, but we will cater our learning environment to suit the needs of all the children in each space.

New Insights

Our Learning Spaces

Making our classrooms flexible means that students move in and out of the environment based on differentiated curriculum and personalised learning. This also means that whether you see what looks like a four walled classroom, open planned environments or multiple learning spaces being used, you can be ensured that the pedagogical approach is one that has been decided and driven by the data collected and the connections the team of hard working teachers make that is specialised to all in our community.

The classroom structure is multiage by design from Years One to Six to ensure teachers target a wider range of abilities and levels utilising a number of different staff rather than just one. Our Prep students enjoy the best of both worlds, starting off their school experience with peers of their own age to assist in developing social and communications skills and to help foster a feeling of a safe and nurturing environment. They prepare for the future flexible learning experience by merging with our Year One/Two for different curriculum areas and working with Year Five in a specialised ‘Buddies’ program.

With the introduction of Digital Technologies as a specialist from Years Prep-Six and one to one laptops from Years Three to Six we have moved to a new way of working. Our throughlines based on 21st Century thinking link to all curriculum areas and allow our students to discover and learn what it means to be part of a community and the greater world.

Cultural and indigenous immersions and perspectives also see our students build on creating a more harmonious world that teaches them to be compassionate and understanding towards others.

At St Mary’s we believe it is essential that every child confidently develops literacy and numeracy skills and strategies to actively participate in our ever changing world. We enhance personalised learning by incorporating multi-literacies to collectively improve student learning outcomes.